Saturday, August 29, 2015

Me, Sisyphus, and Editing

Editing! Argghh. Just when I think I'm done, I look over the work and realize I started my previous edits while I was legally blind. (I'm not) But that's what it feels like to encounter so many mistakes and start all over. Page sixty seems to be my crest of the hill of one hundred and ninety-three pages. If I could just get past that point. 
My problem is I'll read a really good book, and think my own weak prose sounds nothing in comparison. Or I'll pick up a book on writing, and realize my scenes aren't doing anything to advance the novel. They were just visions I loved. I have to beat them in shape or let them go. So A change begets a change that begets a change that begets a fresh new batch of mistakes that begets more editing. All that rock pushing. 
But I see the solution. Stop reading good books and books about writing. Well I think that's the answer. What do you say Sisyphus?

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Thursday, August 27, 2015

The Unemployed Writer

I've recently become unemployed from my day job. Or night job in my case. The questions from co-workers lucky enough to have kept their jobs was, "What are you going to do? Are you looking for work?" I'd mumble something like, "Yeah I'm looking, not sure, perhaps soon, blah blah blah." But then I realize I was about to live a dream, I'd been wishing would come true. The ability to write full time was about to come true. So no, I was not to become unemployed at all. I had a job waiting for me. I just had to make it pay. Yay! or Yay?

I have I been actively writing everyday since June 30? No. I had to take a moment to mourn the loss ... of a decent paycheck and benefits and even an identity. A new routine had to be established. I had to give myself a new title. I was no longer "Service Delivery Level Tech I." I now can say I'm a "writer!" Yay! or Yay? 

Now that writing is my job and I want to go from having one sale a day to having dozens I have to establish a new routine. Working nights at my previous job often meant I slept late in the day, even on days off. It meant I was sometimes depressed and exhausted. It meant my off were for resting and idling the day away.  But now I'm revived and energized. Here's the action plan for the new career as a writer.
1. Get out of vacation mode. No time for idle driving and shopping (no money either)
2. Get up early
3. Hit the books for reading
4. Hit the keyboard for writing and editing
5. Have fresh eyes for new and old work
6. Enjoy the process! 
So has all of this been yay! or yay? Well I've learned a lot about myself. I've learned that all of those moments when I feigned exhaustion and tiredness,  I was just being lazy. There's no day job boogey man to hide behind and blame for my lack of writing. Or my lack of reading. The internet is as distracting as ever. The bed sometimes still holds me until almost noon. The house isn't that much cleaner, and the belly isn't that much flatter. So now is the time for this good man to stop kidding himself. Get to work!

What does the future hold? I don't know. I fight off images of myself living under a bridge. I feel more guilty about not giving that homeless person a dollar. Gee that could be me one day. 

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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Writer's Digest Conference

I had an enjoyable time at the Writer's Digest 2015 Conference. It was a pleasure to be in the company of so many writers and to listen to such dynamic and inspirational speakers like Jacqueline Woodson and Jonathan Maberry. And of course the icing on the cake was being in New York. That place is the writer's prompts heaven in my opinion. 
There was an enormous amount of book offerings. But one gem off the table was this book by Donald Maass, The Breakout Novelist--How To Craft Novels That Stand Out And Sell. I was and am in the process of editing a book. However when I picked up the before-mentioned book and started reading a few chapters, a light went off in my head. There's a lot of work to do on my own book. The Breakout Novelist is not so much a hand holding how-to book, but a very excellent guide post. 
It is a good idea for all of us struggling novelists to read about writing and to read as much as possible about writing.

I would like to see for next year, maybe a few longer sessions focused on the mechanics of social media, or have some sessions run just a tad longer. 
If you were an attendee, what are your thoughts on the conference?

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Trees Still Grow Books

We love our eReaders. But sometimes we want the feel of a real book in our hands. Sometimes we go places where you have to turn off your devices. Well you never need to turn off a book.

For the fans of Wes Writers and Charles Harvey, we have some books in paperback. Of course we do assume our vendors uses as much recycled paper as possible. Your local bookstore will be happy to order any of these titles at your convenience.

Odd Voices in Love .... Those love stories about troubled love and love troubles

When Dogs Bark ... The original poetry and story collection published in 2000 that many still love today.


When Dogs Bark 2 .... Updated in 2013...New Stories and New Poetry

Bark Too ... All of the Poetry from When Dogs Bark.

Roommates: Spicy Gay Reads
Hot Gay Erotica

Upcoming on paper in 2015

The Butterfly Killer
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Promise Goodday
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Boy 4 Higher
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And others as popularity dictates and time permits. Please Comment if you have some suggestions.

Monday, June 16, 2014


Antoine Rucker lives a double life. During the day he is a young black up and coming IT executive for a large Atlanta based insurance company. On the weekends when night falls, he takes to the streets the popular Bulldogs Club and sells his body. Slide in between the covers of Boy 4 Higher and find out why Antoine is such an enigma. Get an up close look at life on the streets and crooked cops.

An Excerpt:

I wake up in the middle of the night and toss and turn. It’s two a.m. “Too busy for bullshit.” My boss’s voice rings in my head. It’s not that I don’t have enough to do at work. The problem is I’m too fucking smart. I know how to cut out the bullshit and get right to the core of a problem. I don’t have to read reams of reports or listen to some idiots chirp back and forth for hours to come up with answers I had five minutes into the meeting. When I was a kid in school, I was always the one who finished the assignment first. That gave me plenty of time to bullshit and cut up. I was the A-student getting those unsatisfactory marks in conduct. If they’d unleash me, I could run the entire Data Services with half the staff. But the CEO follows the wishes of the Family Stockholders. They believe in taking care of employees from the first day they spring through the door, to the day they hobble out on a cane. All of upper management toes that line. I got my sites beyond the CIO’s office. More with less is my motto. But shit, I shouldn’t have missed that conference call.

I roll over and feel my dick hard against my belly. For some reason, I wonder what Mike and Bunny are up to. Are they making love? Is he thinking about me as he plunges into her? I imagine him quietly grunting as his ass quivers between her thighs. I imagine a four-poster bed rocking to his monotonous rhythm. She gazes at a painting of boats out at sea. She imagines herself floating in one of the boats as the waves rock and lap against the sides. A sailor with bronze shoulders makes love to her. She feels Mike’s thighs tighten and knows he’s about to come. At that moment she moans and quivers. He rolls off and is fast asleep. But the sailor pushes her breasts together and kisses each nipple. His lips trail down to her belly button. She rubs herself and cries out softly. And this is how Mike and Bunny will survive another seven years unless his lies catch up with him.

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